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New way to grow your Social Media Presence

Postinges is the #1 Social Media Marketing and Scheduling Platform.



Very simple and easy to understand user interface, so anyone can start with it.


Fast and Accurate

Super fast and accurate schedulling platform to reach your customer at super speed.


24 x 7 Support

With Postinges.com, You will get 24 x 7 live chat support as well as by other various channels.

Reach to many social media under one platform

and many more to come soon..........

Create your team by inviting them by email

Set role for each member specifically 

Easy to edit

Easy to edit functions

Upload files

Full control over your team members.


Control Role

Control yur team members role by assigning roles seperately.

Make Team

Make team collaboration with just one email address

Do More With Postinges

Now do more with Postinges.

All in one Social Media Platform

Send now or just schedule your posts for the specific date with Postinges

WhatsApp Chabot

Best in class WhatsApp Chatbot with chat-flow system for uninterrupted chat with customers.

Advance Team Management

Just invite your team with one email and define all users roles specifically.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Its very Simple. Visit this link to Sign-In / Sign-Up: https://app.postinges.com/

After Sign-Up, your 7 day free trial period starts. After your free trial period, you can select any of the available packages to continue with Postinges.com

For all offers, promotional activities and coupons, visit the below link:


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